Holding a regularly scheduled board meeting for the first time since the state changed the rules for how quarantine rules work, the Springville school board got in line with state guidelines to limit students that may need to quarantine if there’s a positive COVID-19 test.

The board approved necessitating masks, not face shields or gaiters, be worn by students and staff.

“I think it needs to be in line with Linn County Public Health. The students’ education is best provided here on site,” Board Member Leisa Breitfelder said, believing the district needed to do as much as possible to keep students in school.

“We’ve got to protect our kids,” Board Member PJ Hoyt said. “Our numbers are absolutely going the wrong way county-wide. If a simple, ‘we’re going to require facemasks,’ is going to protect our kids, I’d much rather go that route.”

When it came to outside spectators to events, officials were wary of making that change include fans. The district does require face coverings, but that could include shield and gaiters. However, concessions will not be allowed in the gym, so everyone in the gym will have to have their covering on.

In other COVID-related updates, the board also approved the administration to develop a plan for outside groups to be able to use the facilities, as long as they followed guidelines set out by the district and cleaned.

The changes passed, with Albert Martin being the lone dissenting vote. His vote, he said, was just due to a disagreement with the timeline of Nov. 2 for the mask requirements.

Board members thanked district administrators for the work that had gone in to making this year a success so far.

“I think a lot of it comes down to everything that we worked on and that was part of our plan,” Leisa Breitfelder said. “We can’t be perfect, but look at how far we’ve come so far.”

“I’m just so excited the way that things are going, the fact that we are in such a good place. I truly believe that has a lot to do with the things that have been put in place and the way that they’ve been carried out,” Board President Kate O’Brien-May said.

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