The Old Dubuque Road intersection at Highway 151 has been closed since Aug. 3.


The intersection at Old Dubuque Road at Highway 151 was officially closed to traffic Monday, Aug. 3.

Barriers were put up at the intersection around 8 a.m., with signage warning people both at Old Dubuque Road and Highway 151.

The intersection will remain closed while its replacement is worked on. The proposal to replace the dangerous intersection includes an overpass bridge to connect the west and east side of Highway 151 in between the current intersection and Circle Drive.

The proposal would also create a roundabout northwest of the current intersection, connecting Parham Drive, Old Dubuque Road and the overpass bridge. The roundabout spur to the west was proposed to get over the creek, but not connect to Knoll Street immediately.

The recommendation of the closure came after the meeting of the safety committee that had been put together to discuss the best way to move forward concerning the dangerous intersection. One of the reasons why the intersection was closed was so the closure was in effect for people to get used to it before school starts.

The closure also ensures that the city and county had control of what happened at the intersection and the median was not shut down by the Iowa Department of Transportation due to another accident at the intersection.

Snyder and Associates, who are handling the project on the behalf of the city, said in June that work on the project could be bid out as soon as next year. Earth work needed to be done in 2022 to get preparation done for all the dirt that would be needed to construct the proposed overpass and give time for the dirt to be packed and allowed to settle. During that first phase, the culvert would also be constructed over the creek running behind the middle school.

Then, after a 2022 bidding, the bulk of the work with the actual bridge-building and contract work, would be bid worked on in 2023, to hopefully be completed by the end of the year.

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