Four area candidates have thrown their hats into the ring for the titles of Wyoming Fair king and queen, with two vying for each crown.

Brett Schoenherr and Ethan Orr are looking to be named Wyoming Fair King, while Delanie Uppena and Kristina Agnitsch are competing for the title of Wyoming Fair Queen and a spot in the Iowa State Fair Queen Competition.

The candidates were interviewed and judged as the panel of three judges tried to determine who would wear the crown June 24 at Franzen Mahindra Tractors.

The candidates were asked a series of questions, both individually and separately, ranging from the serious to the silly.

Each candidate in individual interviews was asked what they felt was the biggest issue facing teens. Fifty percent of the candidates cited vaping and other substance use as the number one issue. Schoenherr said he felt that down the road, people could be facing a health crisis due to the vaping issue. Upenna likewise called teen vaping “a huge issue for teens today.”

Agnitsch answered social media because of the unrealistic expectations it set, and candidate Ethan Orr pointed to a lack of activities to keep kids busy, especially in rural areas.

Perhaps the silliest question answered by the candidates came during the group interview, when they were asked what dessert they would compare themselves to. Agnitsch chose the chocolate chip cookie bar for its simplicity, Schoenherr the s’more because he associated it with time around the bonfire, Orr chose ice cream because of its variety, and Uppena picked cotton candy because the different colors represented different sides of her personality.  

The interviews and judging now complete, the candidates will have a three-week wait until the new royalty is crowned on the opening night of the Wyoming Fair, July 12, following the completion of the parade.

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