Snyder & Associates made a three-phase proposal for the Old Dubuque Road realignment.


Urging council members to shake off their sticker shock, Lindsey Beaman of Snyder and Associates, presented Anamosa City Council members with some different options that would lower that initial price tag.

“It seems like we’re still getting stuck on the massive scope of the project, which is not something that we want to happen,” Beaman said. “There’s a lot of different ways we could break this down, honestly, for ways that would work better for the timing of Anamosa.”

Beaman presented breaking up the plan into three separate phases. The first phase would include the construction of the roundabout and connections between Old Dubuque Road and Parham Drive. Phase two would be the construction of the bridge and walking trail over Highway 151 connecting 130th Street to the roundabout. Phase three would include the construction of trails along the extension of a west spur in the roundabout. In addition to the work required for the paving, each phase includes the necessary water and wastewater infrastructure and engineering costs.

According to the estimates presented, phase one, proposed to have construction in 2022, would cost an estimated $2.43 million, phase two have construction in 2024 and cost $4,156,000 and phase three would costs $2,023,000 and be slated for around 2026. Breaking into phases puts the total estimated cost at $8,609,000.

In addition to comments from Beaman on the project, a few members of the public made comments encouraging the council members to keep the project moving forward. Nick Von Muenster of Scale-Tec said he was in attendance, virtually, to continue to support the project, citing his recent investments in the commercial park and the price increases he was seeing.

“The lack of a decisions, if there is one on this project, in the short term could be quite costly,” he said.

Anamosa resident Brooke Bohlken said as a mother of a middle school student, she wanted to see the project to continue to move forward as it was getting more congested now that kids were back in the building full time without a second outlet. She said that the project needed to be completed so that the town could develop that area moving forward. Matt Behrends echoed that second statement, calling the project “the single most important thing you probably as a council are going to deal with.”

“This is the one place Anamosa can grow. This is the thing someone will look back on…20 years from now and say, ‘Wow, I’m glad we did this,’” he said. “We don’t want to look around at other communities and say, ‘Why them and not us,’ when we had the opportunity.”

Council Member Rich Crump made a motion to proceed with phase one, plus the embankment portion of phase two. The embankment project adds an estimated $382,500.

It was a busy meeting for upcoming major projects as the council members also voted to: approve the specifications and bid documents for the Downtown Façade Project, approved the agreement with Shive-Hattery for the fire department addition and approved an amended agreement with HR Green for final design and bidding for the city’s sixth well.

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