Steve Davis of Shive-Hattery took the public through proposed plans to turn the former Daly Creek Winery into Anamosa’s new police station. The renovation, estimated at $2.2 million, along with a $700,000 project to expand the Anamosa Fire Station will be on the ballot in the March 3 special election.


In order to inform the public on plans for a $2.9 million bond for the City of Anamosa March 3, the first of two meetings was held Feb. 13 at the Anamosa library.

Steve Davis of Shive-Hattery walked people through the proposed rehabilitation for the police station and what the new station would look like.

In looking for a building that would suit the city’s needs, the problems that existed at the current building included a need for more space, a leaking ceiling and flooded basement, no handicap accessible entrance, no off-street parking and insufficient electrical.

Davis took the public through the proposed plans, with a reception area and lobby as people entered, and more secured areas toward the back of the building, including computer space, an evidence room and a staff area. The site also allowed for off-street parking and would allow police vehicles to be stored in a garage.

Work that would be needed on the building included new windows, a leveling out of the floor and major electrical and mechanical work in the basement of the building.

Davis said that, initially, when he walked through the building, he wasn’t sure whether or not the building would work for its intended purpose. However, after the designs were drawn up, he felt like the conversion would work quite well.

When compared with building new, the $2.2 million high-end estimate was nearly $2 million cheaper than building new in a building the same size and about $1.125 million more than a new building with 6,500 square feet of space.

When asked about other possible sites, Anamosa City Administrator Jacob Sheridan said that upon inquiry, certain buildings were not for sale and other green space areas did not provide sufficient space.

Following Davis, Sheridan took people through the proposed expansion of the fire department. The fire station project would expand their station by 7,440 square feet, with a cost not to exceed $700,00, which would include four new bays, at 14’ instead of 12’ to accommodate taller trucks, provide extra space to be able to store their trailer and UTV more efficiently. Right now, that equipment, if needed, cannot be taken out in a timely manner, which can cost key time.

In addition to the expansion, the project would extend the parking lot and cover the cost of a concrete apron in front of the new bays.

The public asked if the entire parking lot could be covered in concrete, but Sheridan said it was not in the initial plans.

All told, Sheridan said the new bond project would increase the tax levy by $1.78 per $1,000 assessed. For the average residential property, assessed at $127,000, would equal an increase of $124.50 per year, or $10.38 per month, for the proposed 10-year bond.

Sheridan said that the city financially in good shape when it came to their debt, with the city’s only current bond set to come off the books at the end of the next fiscal year. When asked about future project that may need bond financing, Sheridan said there were improvements on the pool that they were eying, but the only thing on this scale would be a possible future project at Old Dubuque Road.

There will be a second meeting ahead of the bond vote Feb. 26 at the Anamosa library at 6 p.m.

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