Poultry has always been a big part of Koree Miller’s life and her family’s. So, when she found out she was going to be the 2019 Iowa Poultry Princess, she was over the moon.

Having shown poultry for six years, she viewed applying to be poultry royalty as a way to give back to the industry.

Since she was named princess, Miller has been staying busy, traveling to fairs all over eastern Iowa. She and queen Grace Long have been appearing at poultry shows all over the state and will be assisting at the poultry show at the Iowa State Fair where the royalty will be spending a lot of time together. All in all, Miller will have appeared at 12 county fairs before things are all said and done.

Her favorite part of the position so far has been “being able to promote the Iowa poultry industry.” She said it’s allowed her to share her passion that has been a part of her family for generations.

As nice as it’s been for Miller to promote poultry around the state, she said she was looking forward to being able to focus on her own animals for a week, ahead of the Wyoming Fair’s Poultry Show.

“It’s good to meet other kids, but it’s also good to get back and take a break and deal with my own animals,” Miller said ahead of the Wyoming Fair poultry show.

Miller will also be competing during the Great Jones County Fair poultry shows, with meat birds judged July 19 and breeding birds July 20.

There are benefits to traveling around to other poultry shows around the state.

“I can also collect pointers that the judges give other kids and just kind of use those pointers for this year,” Miller said. “I can see how other kids show chickens and the techniques that they use. It’s a lot of fun.”

After completing her fair duties, Miller said she will be tasked with speaking to area FFA and 4-H chapters, as well as making appearances at important poultry events across the state.

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