Cassandra Seeley of MediRevv, left, presented a check to Karen Townsend, Olin Elementary secretary, for $300 to go toward paying for student lunch dues.


MediRevv, a national healthcare revenue cycle management headquartered in Coralville, presented checks to several eastern Iowa schools totaling $6,250 in honor of its employees to cover a portion of outstanding school lunch balances, including at Olin elementary.

Olin received a $300 check Dec. 19, which will go toward paying outstanding balances and future lunch costs for students who may need it, whether it be students taking free or reduced cost lunch or assisting families that may have fallen on hard times.

“It was a great donation,” Principal Lindsey Given said. “We’re just glad we’re able to help out some of those people.”

Lunch balances do not impact the type of meals students are given. Those with an overdue balance are not given different meals or refused a meal.

Over the course of the week, $15,000 was donated to different schools across eastern Iowa and near the company’s locations in Nebraska and California.

These gifts were coordinated through MediRevv Gives which is a committee that direct corporate giving at the company. This is the third time MediRevv has helped pay down lunch balances.

Executive Director at MediRevv, Amber Duwe, said the program was started to help the company do good in its communities. The committee gives out funds to various different causes that its employees support and the paying down of lunch balances has been a popular cause for employees over the past couple years.

What the committee donates to is decided based on feedback they receive from employees and school causes have been popular with the employees.

“Often times we do backpack drives and toy drives and a lot of things that do focus around our young people,” Duwe said. “It is a passion that is very strong and dear to a lot of our employees.”

The schools are selected based on submissions from employees.

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