Flowers for All

Ahead of the Memorial Day holiday, local Girl Scouts went around placing flowers at unadorned graves in Riverside Cemetery May 23. The volunteers included: in the back row, left to right, Ally-Anna Wheeler, Amy Wheeler, Summer Winekauf, Greta Vaughn and Mindy McClure and front, from left to right, Ella Vaughn, Rayne McClure, Hailey Winekauf, Ingrid Vaughn and Lisabeth Barker.


Despite rainy conditions delaying the event, area Girl Scouts converged on Riverside Cemetery May 23 to place flowers on unadorned graves.

The idea for the event, named Flowers for All, came from Becky DirksHaugsted who had noticed many graves, particularly those of babies and those in the older part of the cemetery where descendants were no longer around, were bare of flowers or other decorations.

DirksHaugsted approached the Girl Scouts to see if they would be interested in helping and they jumped at the opportunity.

“I (was) proud to be part of this project and hope the Girl Scouts of Jones county will continue for years to come,” Troop Leader Amy Wheeler said.

As the scouts went around placing the flowers, they too noticed how empty many of the graves appeared to be.

“It’s sad how many graves don’t have flowers on them.  We put flowers on our veterans, lots of babies’ graves and other major influences in our community. This was a very eye-opening experience and I think more people should do it,” Ally-Anna Wheeler said.

Before heading out, the girls got a brief history lesson on some of the famous graves they would be placing flowers on.

“We discussed influential people from Anamosa, including Booth, Florence (Curtis Noyes), Lawrence, and, of course, Grant Wood,” Troop leader Mindy McClure said.

The extra flowers for the event, a few hundred of them, were donated by the Anamosa Eagles Club. DirksHaugsted said she hoped to have even more flowers to place at graves next year.

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