Todd Hawley will split his time in the upcoming year between Midland and Delwood after serving as both principal and superintendent in the Delwood Community School District the past three years.


The Midland school district has found a new partner to share a superintendent.

Midland reached an agreement with Delwood Community School District to share their superintendent, Todd Hawley, following Maquoketa Valley’s decision to enter into a sharing agreement with North Linn starting next year. Both districts approved the agreements at their February board meetings, and the move was made official last week after the contract was signed by both districts. 

For the first year, the district approved a 50/50 split. During their Feb. 26 board meeting, Board President Clay Pestka said they had tried for a 60/40 split but that Delwood wanted a 50/50 split, at least for the first year. The boards will plan a joint meeting in the winter to discuss how the agreement is working for both districts to see if any tweaks need to be made ahead of the Jan. 15 deadline to extend the agreement. Hawley said he was still working with the administrations to figure out how that split will work.

The agreement is the first operational sharing agreement in the Delwood district during Hawley’s time there. Delwood does have a whole grade sharing agreement with Maquoketa for their seventh through 12th grade students.

Delwood will maintain control over Hawley’s contract as Hawley, in his third year, is nearly done with his probationary period as a superintendent and that would start over if Midland held the contract. Midland will reimburse Delwood for their half of his salary, $72,500, benefits and travel costs when representing both districts at events. Midland is responsible for covering Hawley’s mileage costs.

The move also made a lot of sense for Delwood. The district saves money on salary and gets more funding through operational sharing dollars because of the agreement. Hawley has been serving in both the principal role and the superintendent role over the last few years. The new sharing agreement will allow Delwood to hire a full-time principal to work with students, staff and community there, while allowing him to focus fully on superintendent duties.

The most important consideration when determining whether to pursue the agreement for Hawley was to ensure that it made sense for Midland, Delwood and Hawley personally. Aside from that, there were multiple reasons the partnership made sense.  

“We are right next to each other, I think that’s important,” Hawley said.

Hawley has been an administrator at every level and also has special education experience.  He believes that variety appealed to Midland, and he’s looking forward to the professional opportunities the new role will present, specifically getting to work with administrators on leadership issues and developing other future superintendents and leaders.

“I’m super excited to partner with Midland and to start building relationships with the community and getting to know the teachers and admin team,” Hawley said.

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