Due to COVID-19, the Anamosa City Council had moved to postpone delinquency fees, door posting and shutoffs.

During the June 22 meeting, the city council approved reinstating delinquency fees and door postings starting with the July billing cycle. Residents will get the bill in July, sometime around July 15, and payment would be due in early August.

The cost of delinquency fee is 5% of the bill or $2, whichever is greater. Door postings are a $25 flat fee and would take place 10 days after the delinquency notice is sent to the customer.

During the discussion at the meeting, some questioned whether it was still too soon.

“We’re not out of the woods with this COVID thing. Are we really sure we want to start instituting delinquency fees in July?” Council Member Rich Crump asked.

Council Member Kay Smith said she wasn’t sure delaying things too much further helped by letting what people owed snowball.

City Administrator Jacob Sheridan said without the fees, they really don’t know who was really behind.

“The City wants to phase back into these regular billing practices to make sure people have time to get their account caught up before shutoffs occur. The delinquency fee report will help us get a better idea of how many people are behind on their payment,” City Administrator Jacob Sheridan said via email. “Those who are behind, but want to avoid delinquency fees, should contact City Hall at 462-6055 to discuss setting up a payment plan.”

Under the proposal that the city council members approved, shutoffs will not go into effect until the October billing cycle. That means the bill would go out mid-October, and the shut off would occur until 30 days later, if the bill is still unpaid.

The reinstating of fees was part of action to amend the city’s emergency provisions related to COVID-19. In addition, the council members also approved continuing to hold meetings electronically, allowing city departments to develop reopening plans and lifting the travel restrictions on city employees, while still urging caution.

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