Before heading to the voting booth March 3, the public will have a chance to learn more about a pair of projects set to overhaul the homes of the city’s police and fire departments.

The first of two planned public information meetings on a planned expansion of the Anamosa Fire Department and proposed renovation of the former Daly Creek Winery into a new police station will be Feb. 13 at 7 p.m. in the Anamosa library.

Residents will have to decide whether to approve an up to $2.9 million bond, up to $2.2 million to rehabilitate the old Daly Creek Winery building for the police station and $700,000 for the expansion of the fire station.

The rationale behind both projects was to house the departments in buildings that better fit their needs. Both departments have asked for more space and demonstrated areas where their current buildings have leakage.

Most of the discussion around the projects has been focused on then proposal for the police station, including the purchase price of $243,500 for the old winery.

In presenting their engineer’s estimate to the city in December, representatives from Shive-Hattery the expected total cost of the winery renovation, not including the cost of the building purchase itself, to come in at around $1.625 million.

The structure itself was sound, but other costs included in the renovations were window replacements and patching work. The other major costs were work that needed to be done to even out the floor, especially to the west, where floors were sloped down to drains and an estimated $500,000 in work to the mechanical and electrical infrastructure in the basement of the building.

A major factor in the city deciding to go ahead with pushing for the bond vote was that the renovation of the 8,3000 square foot building was still cheaper than building new. A newbuilding of the same size would cost nearly $4 million. A building that fit their space needs, approximately 6,500 square feet as opposed to the winery’s 8,300, came in at around $3.24 million.

The fire station project would have a 50-feet by 124-feet expansion to the south end of the station to accommodate larger equipment and a 20 feet expansion of the department’s parking lot. The current space leaves the department cramped, with equipment, like the trailer and side-by-side, not being stored efficiently.

There’s also a lack of room for training and to put on equipment that the expansion would address. The department would also be looking to do some routine maintenance to address some mold issues in the building.

During the meetings, representatives from Shive-Hattery will hold a presentation on the proposal for winery renovation into the city’s new police station and City Administrator Jacob Sheridan and Fire Chief Tim Shada will present the plans for the department’s expansion at their current location.

For those that cannot attend the first meeting, there will be a second meeting at the library Feb. 26 at 6 p.m.

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