Despite the rain, owner of Sweet Tech Solutions, Dustin Sweet, was pleased with the turnout for the grand opening of his brick and mortar site.

To help boost the opening of his store, the City of Olin planned a Fall Sidewalk Stroll with events all throughout downtown, for which he was grateful.

“I was really happy when the town decided to throw something together and try to draw more people in for us,” he said.

The business handles home entertainment systems, indoor and outdoor speakers and security. The company has also been doing a lot of integrated systems recently, which helps connect smart features throughout an entire home.

Sweet’s desire to get into the business, which he has operated for the past eight years, came about after he had personal items stolen and wanted to put some cameras up at his house about 15 years ago.

“At that point, the cost of cameras was…outrageous,” he said, but recently, prices have come down to make it more affordable for everyone.

He also saw an opportunity after subcontracting for other companies and seeing trucks from Davenport or Dubuque drive into town to set up something a little more local. The security aspect is the largest part of his business. The company uses technology from Alibi, which was originally manufactured for the government and allows people to monitor multiple locations at once.

The equipment is self-monitored around the clock, which can help customers earn discounts on homeowner’s insurance.

The physical location, as opposed to running things out of his home, will lend the business more credibility, the business owner believes.

“I want to work with businesses, and businesses don’t like to work with people out of their home,” Sweet said.

The physical location helps to put individuals at ease and make them more comfortable working with him as well, he said.

Sweet can be reached via phone at 319-975-8156 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Showroom visits can be made via appointments.

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