Two mayoral challengers unseated incumbents in Anamosa and Oxford Junction and Morley’s mayoral race is still up in the air, according to the unofficial results of the Nov. 5 election. Below are the unofficial results from election night.

City elections

Anamosa: Rod Smith unseated incumbent Dale Barnes by a 363-211 margin in the mayoral race, with Aaron Alderson garnering 72 votes. The lone incumbent running for city council, Rich Crump, retained his seat with nearly 22 percent of the vote. It was Jeff Stout that received the highest percentage of the votes, with 26.5 percent. A 35-vote margin was what gave Alan Zumbach the final seat over Dean Eilers, though Smith’s seat will have to be filled when he takes over his new position.

Martelle: David Fountain ran unopposed for mayor, and the three candidates for council, Jan James, Edwards Smith and Diane Fountain, will fill the three council spots. Gary Darrow was elected, unopposed, to fill a vacancy in the council.

Morley: The mayoral race was split 50/50 between candidate William Roller and “write in.” If write-ins are split between multiple candidates, Roller will eke out the win. If all write-ins are for the same candidate, the Jones County Board of Supervisors will draw to determine the winner. For city council, there were three names on the ballot to fill five spots. Out of a total of 40 votes, write in candidates were the most popular (14 total), followed by Linda Jackson, Rebecca Stivers and Bob Osborn.

Olin: Zach Borst retained his mayoral office, defeating challenger Chris Shinker with 67 percent of the vote. Kahm Sauer, Matthew Dicken and David Dirks won the three council seats, with Dircks prevailing over Katie Bassett by a lone vote.

Onslow: Russ Benke, unopposed, was elected as mayor after being appointed to the position. In the council races, Betty Jordan, Layne Jeffrey Martens and Curtis Thornhill were the top three vote-getters, with current council member Marilyn Gray in fourth by six votes. Joseph Paulsen was elected, unopposed, to fill out the remainder of a two-year term currently being served by Jordan.

Oxford Junction: Council Member Kristina Stevenson unseated Merle Tank in the mayoral race with 53 percent of the vote. Matt Nierling was elected to the council, while write-ins will determine who fills the second open seat. Someone will also be appointed to finish out Stevenson’s council term.

Wyoming: Mayor Steve Agnitsch was re-elected, unopposed, and Craig Taylor and Kevin Leonard will fill the open seats on the council.

Springville: Karla Blakely led all vote-getters as she, Bradley Merritt and Dennis Thies were elected to fill the three open council seats.

School board

Anamosa: Eric Wickham was the top vote-getter, with 44 percent of the vote, followed by incumbent Sean Braden, with just over 39 percent. There is still work to be done in this race as only two names were included on the ballot and four spots on the board open. The 229 write-in votes will have to be sorted to determine the full results.

Midland: Stacie Cronkleton led all candidates with 35 percent of the vote. She will be joined by Katalin Rushford and Thomas Orr on the school board.

Olin: Holly Kreger led the three candidates seeking to fill three spots on the board. She was followed by Ruth Houston and Kelvin Samuel Moore.

Springville: Albert Martin was the leading vote-getter, followed by Amy Hosek and Patrick Hoyt Jr., to fill three spots on the Springville school board. Melissa Barker lost out by a mere three votes. Leisa Breitfelder was elected to fill out the remainder of the term in the seat that Martin was appointed to.

The results for the city elections and Olin school board will be made official at the canvass Wednesday, Nov. 13, beginning at 8:15 a.m. A secondary canvass will be held the following Tuesday to decide the final results of the school board elections in the other school districts, as they cross county lines.

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