The Great Jones County Fair may still be more than three months away, but qualifications for the state fair were up for grabs as March ended.

The Jones County 4-H Clothing Show judging took place March 31 at the Jones County Extension Office, where presenters were judged on their outfits and their work on the catwalk.

4-H members could enter into a trio of different clothing-themed events: the clothing revue, clothing selection and $15 challenge. Participants were also broken into age categories of either junior, intermediate or senior.

Junior participant, Jessica Stadtmueller of Monticello and the Prairie Hill 4-H Club, was the final junior participant to be judged. She entered into the clothing selection event and explained her choice of dress for the show.

“For spring break, we went to Puerto Rico, and two years ago, they had a hurricane. So, I wanted to support the local economy,” she said.

While looking for something, a colorful dress that popped caught her eye.

“I like the colors, and the boldness and the texture.  It’s nice and silky,” she said.  

It was the first time Stadtmueller joined the show, doing so because many of her friends participated and she thought it would be fun. Though she was a little nervous heading into her first show, she said she’ll probably do it again next year.

Lake Schnoor, also of Monticello and Prairie Hill 4-H Club, participated in the clothing selection’s intermediate event, where she also found inspiration on a family vacation for her clothing selection and wanted to show off the culture of Mexico by donning a Mexican dress.

She also participated in the $15 challenge, where she had to come up with an outfit while spending less than $15. Schnoor actually challenged herself to keep the purchases under $10, which she succeeded in doing.

“I just wanted to challenge myself and see how much I could fit in,” she said.

Fellow Prairie Hill 4-H’er, Taylor Gassman, also stayed below $10. Gassman and Schnoor are good friends and, while they bounced ideas off each other last year, this year, they did things separately and surprised each other with their outfits.

In learning from her experience from the previous year, Gassman said it was important that she liked the outfit she chose for the challenge. By doing that, it’s easier to talk to the judge about why she chose to wear the outfit she did, which she liked for the versatility and comfort.

A fashion show will take place during the Great Jones County Fair, where the results of the judging will also be announced.

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