After sharing with Bennett Community School District for the past number of years, Olin will be sharing the superintendent’s position with North Cedar for the upcoming school year.

The district approved an 80-20 split with North Cedar to share Superintendent Mark Dohmen, who’s held that position at the district for the last three years after current Superintendent Dave Larson resigned to take a job Wapsie Valley as their full-time superintendent.

The district had made an offer to current Olin Elementary Principal Lindsey Given for a four day a week position, with Bennett and Olin splitting the contract. That deal fell through as Olin and Bennett could not come to an agreement on the percentages, Board Secretary Carrie Fortin said. That lead the board members to the offer to Dohmen after he interviewed for the position earlier during their April 29 meeting.

The sharing agreement is new for North Cedar, which has not shared during Dohmen’s three years with the district. They had looked at sharing agreements the past few years, but nothing felt like it was the right fit. Olin was different.

“It just felt like the two districts were very similar in the direction they were heading,” Dohmen said.

Expanding upon that idea, he said he felt both districts were very community-based in how they operated, and they both had very clear goals and visions for where the saw themselves going five to 10 years down the road.

Though he’s gotten an initial picture of the district, as Dohmen prepares to take on the role as the district’s superintendent, he said he plans on getting more familiarized with their financial situation, a process he said will likely start in earnest next month.

Dohmen is also planning on taking the temperature of those in the district, taking an opportunity to meet with teachers and members of the community to begin building relationships and getting a sense of what’s working for the district and any tweaks that could help improve things.

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