The new staff for the Anamosa school district got acclimated to their new positions Aug. 19, getting a chance to meet the other new staff.


Four days before the school bell rang for the first time for the new school year, new staff members gathered at Anamosa High School to get introduced to their fellow newcomers and prepare for the coming school year.

For second-year Superintendent Larry Hunt, despite the fact that some quality individuals left the district, he’s excited with what the new staff members can bring to the district. He had the opportunity to meet with all the new staff members Aug. 19.

“I’m really looking forward to the year,” he said. “It’s always good to have new blood.”

With two of three of the building principals being new this year, the focus in administrative meetings has been on ensuring that students get a quality education that prepares them for the future. While that’s also been a discussion with teachers, there’s also been an emphasis on classroom management, particularly for brand-new teachers.

“For them, it’s going to be a different world,” Hunt said. “This year, they’ll really learn how to teach and they’ll learn more than they did over the last four.”

While his new teachers will be getting themselves comfortable in their new district, Hunt himself acknowledged that he’s more comfortable in the Anamosa district having a year under his belt and gotten familiar with community contacts. He says he’s encouraged by the fact that he can tell Anamosa is a community that really cares about their school and students.

The excitement was evident among the administrators as they gave their reports during the Aug. 19 school board meeting.

Strawberry Hill Principal Ellen Recker said the new playground was looking great with the new surface. Anamosa Middle School Principal said they had fun getting to know the four new teachers that would be joining them for the school year, including three that are starting their first year teaching.

Anamosa High School Principal Erin Thompson said they’re welcoming 10 new teachers and nearly the entire staff got together Aug. 19 at Sally’s on Broadway in Springville to get to know each other a little better.

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