After the approval of a loan agreement, work can begin to renovate the old Daly Creek Winery into the City of Anamosa's new police station. 


More than a year after first being brought up for approval, the City of Anamosa approved loan agreements to acquire funding for the expansion of their current fire station and for the outfitting of a new police station.

The Anamosa City Council unanimously passed four loan agreements, the two largest which allow for the city to borrow up to $700,000 each for the station projects.

Last September, a petition caused a similar proposal to be put on the ballot for the voters to approve. While the public said they were largely in favor of the new fire station expansion, questions remained about the new police station.

After bringing in architecture firm Shive-Hattery Architecture and Engineering, the cost of the police station project was estimated at $2.125 million. A $2.9 million bond project combining the two station projects was shot down by voters during a March 3 special election.

After the winery building was donated in August, City Administrator Beth Brincks reintroduced the loan agreements Nov. 23 for the public hearings to be set on the loans for Dec. 14. Brincks said the city could stay under the $700,000 number for the police station project by forgoing some of the more expensive portions of the proposed renovations to the former winery.

This time the agreements passed with no public comment and were approved by the city council members unanimously at the Dec. 14 meeting.

The rate for the station loans, as well as a $250,000 loan to pay for the city’s portion of the Downtown Revitalization grant are maxed at 7%. The other $100,000 agreement is to pay for the engineer costs incurred to this point by Snyder and Associates for the replacement of the Old Dubuque Road intersection.

If the maximum amount is borrowed, residents will see taxes increase $1.11 per $1,000 assessed value.

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