Beth Brinks has joined the City of Anamosa as their new city clerk.


In a special meeting held July 29, the City of Anamosa moved to approve the hiring of Beth Brinks as their new city clerk.

Brinks comes to the city with previous public administration experience. She worked as the deputy clerk and the economic development director for the City of Boone before moving to the private sector in 2014, during which time she worked for U.S. Cellular and the postal service.

Brinks had been involved in another hiring process for a similar position and had those involved, including Pat Callahan, recommended that she apply for the job. Brinks beat our two other finalists and she got a quick start, spending some time in the office Friday.

While Brinks said Monday she and City Administrator Jacob Sheridan haven’t really discussed specifics about what she would be working on, they did discuss budget.

“It’s always budget time,” she said.

Brinks lives in Marion and was attracted to the job due to its location. Despite not living in city limits, she already has some familiarity with the city. She’s a long-time user of the Anamosa Vet Clinic, been in the audience for a few Starlighters plays and gone to her fair share of Anamosa Hill Climbs.

“One of my friends was a hillclimber when we were just out of high school,” she said.

In approving the hire July 29, the city council set her pay at $57,500 and backdated the hire to the previous Friday.

The musical chairs in the city’s administrative offices will continue, even with the hire, as Deputy Clerk Penny Lode submitted her resignation and the city is looking to now fill that position.

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