New appointee Bruce Miell wasn’t the only new face at the Anamosa school board table Feb. 17 as not one, but two student representatives sat in on the proceedings.

For Ivan Lambertsen, it was his last meeting as the district’s student representative, which he said had been a “fantabulous experience.”

“I got a big insight on everything that goes on. Just learned a bunch,” he said.

In particular, Lambertsen found the district’s partnership with the Olin school district to be a fascinating one. While he said he knew a partnership existed between Anamosa and Olin, his time on the board really opened his eyes to the complexity of the relationship with whole grade sharing and how important it was for that relationship to remain strong.

Lambertsen was joined at his meeting by his father Shaun and grandfather Dan, who both served as previous member of the school board.

“It’s great having their support,” Ivan said.

Also present for her first meeting was junior Kelsey Scofield. She is active on the volleyball, track and softball teams, as well as a member of student council and the National Honor Society. Having taken on leadership roles in those areas, she was excited to get started as the student representative and learn what goes into a board’s decision-making process.

“I just like to hear things that are going on in the district, like problems or…things that could impact students,” Scofield said. “I just want to learn more about the district in general, what goes on, what goes in to maintaining a district like this.”

As he departed the board, Lambertsen’s advice to his successor was to take an active role in proceedings.

“When asked, talk,” he said. “You’re there to represent the student body and if there’s something she feels should be said, to not be afraid and say it.”

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