Editor's note: There is now an active case in Jones County. 


As of Wednesday, May 27, Jones County was free of active coronavirus cases for the first time since the county’s first case was reported nearly two months ago, March 30.

Jones County has had 36 confirmed cases of COVID-19, as of June 1, and has had no deaths due to the disease.

Despite the fact there were no active cases in the county, public health officials said that does not mean that residents should stop taking precautions.

“For the moment, Jones County has no new confirmed cases of COVID-19. But it is important to remember the coronavirus is not going away anytime soon, and the virus is still circulating in Iowa, the United States, and internationally. Everyone needs to continue taking measures to protect themselves and others--physical distancing, face coverings, hand washing, staying home when possible,” Jones County Public Health Director Jenna Lovaas said June 1. “However, we also realize it’s not realistic to tell people to indefinitely avoid all in-person social contact outside their household. There is a spectrum of risk, and we encourage all Jones County residents to consider the relative risk of different activities. While any contact in any setting for any duration has some risk, scientists believe most transmission is happening in enclosed spaces during sustained contact.

“For example, outdoors is less risky than indoors. Small groups are less risky than large groups. Simply passing by someone is less risky than sustained contact. As businesses reopen and gathering guidelines relax, people will have to make decisions about the level of risk they are willing to take. We encourage everyone to continue following Jones County Public Health, the Iowa Department of Public Health and/or the CDC for up-to-date information about the pandemic.”

As of June 1, Iowa has seen 19,690 positive cases and 538 deaths from the virus, and the state has been slowly reopening businesses across the state.

Steps that can be taken to protect yourself and others include: cleaning your hands often by washing frequently and avoiding touching your face with unwashed hands, avoid contact with those that are sick and social distance, stay home when sick, cover coughs and sneezes and clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

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