Center Junction

The coronavirus pandemic has canceled plenty of events across the region and the nation, leaving precious little avenues for musicians to ply their trade in a time that is usually filled to the brim with gigs and special events.

This didn’t escape the notice of Andrew Lindley, who got together with friends and family to figure out a way to try to put on a musical event for the public to enjoy. He talked with friends in the Adam Keith Band, DJ Tyler Johnson, Chad Rubner, who owns the land that used to be the community park in Center Junction, and his brother, who owns and operates the Iowa BBQ food truck, to put together a night of music and fun.

“COVID(-19) ruined a lot of people’s plans this summer, especially concerts and fairs,” Lindley said on why he wanted to start the event. “We want Jones County to come out and support their local entertainers, and hopefully, they have a good time.”

As he kept talking to people, what the event could be just kept growing. The result was the first ever Music in the Park event in Center Junction.

The date, July 25, was chosen with purpose as both Keith and Johnson would normally be a part of the entertainment at the fair. Adam Keith will play from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., followed by fireworks, the DJ Tyler Johnson from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. The cost for the event is a free will donation. The event is “bring your own beverage;” however, there is a $10 cooler fee, per cooler brought in, to help pay for the liability insurance. Coolers will be tagged so people who need to leave can come back in.

Organizers are working hard to make sure people can celebrate responsibly. The public will need to bring their own chairs and practice social distancing. The group has also been in contact with the Jones County Sheriff’s Office to make sure they are able to put the event on in a responsible manner.

Those with symptoms are asked not to attend the event. The complete details of the guidelines are still being worked out, but more information will be posted on the Center Junction—What’s Happening Facebook page later in the week.

“We want everybody that comes out to be safe and go home safe,” Lindley said.

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