For year two of Oriole Pride Week, a week of project-based learning at the Springville middle and high school, the public got a chance to see what the middle schoolers had been working on Jan. 10 as they entered the gym for their Living History Museum.

Middle schoolers dressed up in the guise of famous figures from history, talking in the first person. The figures ranged from religious figures, to athletes and anyone in between. What attracted each student to their subject could vary wildly.

Jayce Ernze, and Jack Stamp did their projects on Jerry West and Magic Johnson, respectively, because of their love of basketball. Katrina Laubengayer decided to do her project on anthropologist Margaret Mead and had a unique inspiration for choosing her subject.

“I found a really catchy song on YouTube about anthropology,” she said.

Sierra Werling chose Amelia Earhart as her subject, fascinated by the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. For Ryan Foley, studying George Lucas meant he not only got to study one of his icons, but also study the field he hopes to enter in the future, with dreams of being a director.

The school days Jan. 2 through Jan. 10 were broken up into halves, with the first portion focusing on a conceptual project and the second half of the day focusing on a service project.

By far the most popular project for the high school students was the “master chef” program, which attracted 60 students. They worked in teams of six to develop a three-course meal to serve to the judges. The winning meal of meatballs, buttery-herb mashed potatoes and yogurt parfait, was served as part of a community meal held Jan. 9 at the high school. The judges were complimentary of every aspect of the meal.

The meal included samples from honorable mentions from other dishes created by students: a main dish pad Thai, a side of Tom Yum Goong Soup and a dessert of mango ice cream.

Other projects from the week included creating a Rube Goldberg machine and studying fair trade.

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