During their Sept. 16 meeting, Springville school board members reviewed the Return to Learn plan, which will be reviewed every month.

Aside from parents being cautious with students exhibiting any possible symptoms, the district had not yet had a confirmed case in the school.

“They’ve done a really nice job of just erring on the side of caution,” Elementary Principal Shannon Robertson said of district parents.

Inside the school, the administration has been pleased with how students have handled the mask mandate. The current guidelines require face coverings for anyone inside the building.

“Our students have been awesome,” Secondary Principal Merritt said. “We’ve had sometimes where we’ve had some classes that have been pretty small, and they’ve been able to space out and be able to take their masks off, and they choose not to, even when they’re getting permission to do it. They’re just committed to doing it at this point.”

When it comes to reporting cases, Hocking said they were following the directives of Linn County Public Health Department if they got a positive case and only notify those impacted. With small districts, public health wanted to be careful to ensure that students that tested positive could not be determined.

The biggest hurdle the district has run into has not been health related but with their online education provider, Edmentum. Springville was not alone. Hocking said the service was having trouble getting Iowa teachers.

Though some districts were allowing students to come back because of the issues, Springville was not. Though parents were inquiring about the hiccups, with patience and respect according to Robertson, they were not asking students to be allowed back in person.

Many students, in addition to not yet having access to class info, have not even been able to access the initial assessment. Robertson told board members she was currently trying to get a hold of someone with Edmentum to try and figure out a timeframe for when students could start to get materials.

“I just need a timeframe. Because if it’s just going to be a day or two, that looks very different than if it’s going to be a week or two. I would love to be able to supplement for them and get them some sort of instruction, and I know their teachers would be more than willing to do whatever,” she said.

If Robertson could not make contact by the end of the week, she would begin having teachers record lessons.

The district is remaining ready if students currently enrolled in person would have to move to online learning, like happened in the spring, Hocking said. To assist with technology matters, the district has entered into a contract for services.

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