Thanks to a generous donor, the donation fees for cats and dogs at Animal Welfare Friends has been decreased through Dec. 24.


The holidays are a time for giving, and this holiday season a pair of generous donors are assisting the local animal shelter of finding “forever homes” for more cats and dogs through Christmas Eve.

The Animal Welfare Friends out of Monticello announced a generous donor had offered to cover $25 of each cat or kitten adoption fee now through Dec. 24. A couple of days later, another donor stepped up to cover a portion of adoption fees for dogs through that date, taking $75 off the fee. That makes the adoption prices $50 and $100 respectively.

Animal Welfare Friends Board Chair Cindy Bagge said that promotions like this help make it more affordable for individuals and families looking to adopt.

“Promotions like this are particularly exciting…because it helps these deserving pets find their forever homes,” Bagge said.

Adoptions at the shelter have been moving along at a good pace, but the shelter does also see people that are looking to bring a pet home for the holiday.

The shelter operates largely due to donations and the work of local volunteers. Earlier this fall, the shelter ran similar adoption specials thanks to generous donors.

“What it has done is it’s planted the seed for people to become involved and to make these (promotions) happen more often,” Bagge said.

In addition to helping the pets find a home and spark interest in people from the outside to get more involved, this type of promotion also helps fuel “excitement and hope” for the shelter’s regular volunteers that give so much time and effort to assist the shelter.

The shelter takes in surrenders and strays and has a reach that goes beyond Jones County, adopting pets from as far away as Florida and Colorado.

Even for those that cannot adopt, Bagge said there are plenty of ways to help the shelter achieve its mission. The shelter is constantly looking for volunteers to help out with dog and cat chores. The chores start at around 4:30 or 5 p.m. Recently, the chores have become something that businesses or friends do as a group activity.

In additions to the daily chores, the shelter is looking for people to walk dogs and just to spend time with the cats. Prospective volunteers are encouraged to call ahead of time.

For more information on volunteer opportunities or to see pets available for adoption, head to

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