After RAGBRAI was delayed to 2021, it was announced that the route would be remaining the same for the ride, which will run July 25-31.

“The towns along the route have already put a substantial amount of work and resource into planning and will have the opportunity to showcase their communities in 2021,” the RAGBRAI statement from April 20 read. “While we wish we were biking across Iowa this July, our resolve is to make 2021 even better, and we look forward to lifting up these communities when it is safe.”

When Anamosa’s inclusion in the RAGBRAI route for the first time since 2012 was announced, the ride heading to Anamosa was the longest day. The trip from Waterloo to Anamosa is 85-miles with 3,078-feet-of-climb trek. That day will also include the Karras Loop, an add-on route that pushes Thursday’s total mileage over 100. It’s named for ride co-founder John Karras.

Maquoketa, the stop after Anamosa, withdrew as Friday night’s overnight town, so a new town will be announced ahead of the full route announcement coming Jan. 30. Registration for the ride is currently open and runs through April 1.

According to the website, registration opens with weeklong rider ($175) and weeklong nonrider ($35) options. Day passes will not be available at the open of registration as organizers address plans for COVID-19 measures with partners and towns. If safety measures can be met for the day pass, rider’s registration will open after the first of the year. If riders transferred their 2020 day pass registration to 2021, the registration will not change. Riders have until April 2 to email if the ride goes on and they are not comfortable with participating.

Anamosa Area Chamber of Commerce Director LeeAnna Boone said in between when the decision to cancel the ride was made and now, there have been a few calls with other cities along the route and Ride Director Drake Dieter to try to get a sense of what this year’s ride might look like.

Anamosa’s own RAGBRAI committee hasn’t started meeting again. Boone, speaking before the holidays, said she expected the meeting to resume after Jan. 1.

A lot of the groundwork has already been laid and a lot of the plans that had been put in place work well with some of the changes that will be implemented to the ride for this year, though the full extent of what the ride might be is still unknown.

“It’s still kind of a waiting game,” Boone said.

Even with some contingencies, Boone is excited for the ride come through after being delayed to 2021.

Under the FAQ section of their website, the possible COVID-19 precautions are discussed. While the plans are still being developed for the ride, “it is very likely” the page states that either an email screening and/or a negative COVID test would be required for participation. Other restrictions on entertainment, extended hours for the route, assigned start times are possible, but have not been confirmed.

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