It was a night to remember as another picture joined the display in the hall of the Jones County Extension Office for the 20th coronation at the Great Jones County Fair.

Lauryn Ries took the crown as the latest Great Jones County Fair Queen, replacing Marissa Recker.

“I was just super excited, I just really didn’t expect it,” Ries said of her first thoughts after her name was announced. “I’m just really blessed and thankful to have the opportunity.”

Now that she has the title, Ries said she’s most looking forward to enjoying her role in the week’s festivities.

“I’m just looking forward to representing Jones County and being a part of the fair and everything that goes on,” she said.

Gracious in victory, Ries thanked her fellow competitors for making the experience so much fun. Jaelynn Kraus, and Olivia Goodyear were named Great Jones County Fair Princess and Miss Congeniality respectively. After the coronation, when discussing the pageant process, Ries said Pageant Coordinator Marcia Kray made the whole experience much easier by guiding the contestants.

As the 20th coronation, there were a few surprises in store. For her work the past two decades, General Manager John Harms presented Kray with a plaque on behalf of the fair board in thanks for her contribution and to mark two decades of coordinating the annual pageant.

Kray in turn thanked the sponsors supporters and businesses that helped make the pageant a reality and her family “turn our house into pageant central pretty much all year-round.”

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