Members of the Red Knight Motorcycle Club presented a check for $6,500 to Megan Wichmann, front row in grey, from the Saint Florian Fire and Burn Foundation.


On Sunday, Feb. 7, the Red Knights Motorcycle Club gathered at Scooters Bar and Grill to present a check for $6,500 to the Saint Florian Fire and Burn Foundation.

“This is fantastic,” Megan Wichmann, who accepted the check on behalf of the foundation, said.

Wichmann said the group first reached out to them about a year ago with the idea of running a fundraiser. The foundation runs a camp at Lake Okaboji for kids that have sustained burn injuries. The funds raised will go toward covering the costs of sending a child to camp, about $1,000 per child.

“It gives them another community that backs them,” Wichmann said of the camp.

The club raised the funds through their “Wheelin’ for Healin’” stamp book. Red Knights President Brody Zimmerman said they came up with the plan in lieu of a ride to avoid gathering in big groups and as a way to support local businesses. The book was comprised of 67 local businesses that could join for a $50, which were then sold for $15 to the public. The public then would go around to businesses and spend money to get their book stamped. Each stamp earned participants a raffle ticket for a chance to win $1,000. The raffle winner subsequently donated the $1,000 back to the group.

It was their first year doing the fundraiser, but they were happy with the results and will continue doing the book moving forward as a fundraiser, to go along with some of their other rides.

Zimmerman said they will be supporting the foundation with a donation on an annual basis, with this year’s fundraiser set to start in June.

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