Off-roading enthusiasts gathered at Recreational Motorsports Sept. 19 for a special event, one of many aimed at supporting local businesses.


It was another busy week for the county’s off-road riding crew.

When the county and city ordinance changes were being pushed for, one of the arguments proponents made for the new ordinance was the positive influence it could have on businesses.

When trying to push for the City of Anamosa to adjust their ordinance on all-terrain and utility vehicles, Bobby Krum, who was a key figure in getting ordinances changed, told the council that one of the goals in changing the ordinance was so riders could “to come into your community to shop, visit, spend their money.”

Members of the local Blue Cut Trailblazers crew have been keeping busy throughout the summer with community events.

Thursday night, enthusiasts were on-site at Recreational Motorsports for their “Side-by-Side Night,” filling the parking lot. Since allowing ATVs and UTVs to travel on county roads, a local business said they’ve seen a big difference.

“Big time,” Scott Minzenmeyer of Recreational Motorsports said of whether the business has seen a difference since the new county and city ordinances had been passed.

“They opened it up in the county, (and) probably within two or three weeks of that we started to get people driving in and purchasing stuff.”

Minzenmeyer said the change had been “definitely good for the economy.” With the increase usage of the vehicles, the business has seen an increase in customers, and not necessarily the same customers. The store has gotten new customers that stopped by after riding their vehicle through town.

Saturday, the Jones County Pork Producers had their first PORK-er ride starting and finishing at the Hale Tap, with stops at other local restaurants at Racks Swinging Door in Wyoming and The Grove Bar in Scotch Grove. Last month, the ATV group showed their support with a cash mob at Theisen’s.

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