The City of Anamosa is moving ahead with items for both the expansion of the fire station and the retrofitting of the former Daly Creek Winery into Anamosa’s new police station during the March 9 city council meeting.

For both projects, the City of Anamosa has approved funding of up to $700,000.

The preliminary design plans put together by Shive-Hattery Architecture for the proposed addition on to the fire station were presented. The plans call for a 50-feet by 124-feet expansion to the south end of the station to accommodate larger equipment, a total building expansion of 7,440 square feet. Though the basic design structure items, including paving the apron for the station, the new larger doors and other building elements, were under the projected cost at $658,750, the architecture and engineering fees were estimated to be $99,500 and “unknown scop items,” such as structural fills and new electrical service, added $205,000. The total project costs were estimated at just more than $1.1 million.

Anamosa Fire Chief Tim Shada said with the materials expected to donated, he felt the project could stay under the allotted budget and there were some items, like a proposed generator, were not needed according to conversations he’d had.

“I feel their estimates are a little higher than they’re going to be around here,” Shada said. “There are still a few contractors around here that are donating a large amount to this project.”

If the totals came in high, the council members could still reject the bids.

The preliminary plans were approved unanimously. The plans will be finalized before the project is sent out to bid. According to the preliminary plans, the target date for bids is May 6.

For the police station project, the council accepted a proposal from Martin Gardner Architecture to provide services for the project. The Brian Stark, representing the architecture firm, presented the company’s history on working on similar projects and said the price tag of $82,500 was in line with the cost for projects of this size. The proposal was approved unanimously.

In other business, the council members voted to award the Community Development Block Grant construction contract to Tricon out of Dubuque for the downtown revitalization project, which will update the facades of 10 buildings. It is hoped the project can get under way in April.

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