Student representative Ivan Lambertsen sits in on the Anamosa school board meeting Oct. 21.


The second student representative selected since the Anamosa school board revived the practice for the second half of the last school year comes to the position with a bit of family history.

Oct. 21 signaled the first meeting for the new student representative for the Anamosa school board, as Ivan Lambertsen took his seat at the board table. When he was first approached about the possibility of joining the board as a student representative, he was able to pick the brain of some former school board members in the family. Both Lambertsen’s father and grandfather had previously served as members of the school board.

“When (Superintendent Larry) Hunt came to me with the position, I talked to both of them and they said ‘Go for it,’” Lambertsen said.

Being a member of the FFA, he was also able to pick the brain of the previous student representative, Riley Troester, who also encouraged him to take the step. She’s also been a resource for him for any questions that might pop up about the position.

In addition to being an active member in FFA, Lambertsen also plays sports and is involved in the district’s musical activities. Because of the variety of clubs he’s involved in, he feels like it makes him a “great representative” for the rest of the high school student body.

An FFA event delayed his ability to sit in on the meetings, as he was not able to attend last month, but he was excited to sit in on his first meeting and was excited about the learning experience it would be.

“I’m looking forward to getting a deeper look into the school and how things run,” he said. “I would like to eventually go into the education field myself. So, understanding how board meetings work and big points of discussion are is very helpful.”

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