A unanimous vote by the Anamosa City Council confirmed the decision reached by City Administrator Jacob Sheridan the previous week to terminate the employment of City Clerk Tammy Coons following her arrest on charges of operating while under the influence of alcohol.

The charges, in addition to charges of failure to stop in assured clear distance and an open container violation, stem from a June 2 accident that occurred on the 4000 block of Highway 13 in Marion.

Sheridan said he came to the determination after consulting with the city’s legal counsel, who also advised holding the vote to confirm Sheridan’s decision the week before. According to information included in the board packet, Coons was terminated without cause, which makes her eligible for vacation and sick leave payout, as well as unemployment.

Upon receiving notice of termination, Coons has 30 days to request a hearing before the council.

At the meeting, the council members also approved the proposed position profile to be used to find Coons’ replacement, which was modified from the profile developed from the city administrator search that hired Sheridan.

Sheridan said in talking with consultants, there were some good candidates available to fill the role. Council Member Rod Smith encouraged any internal candidates interested in the position to apply.

While searching for a replacement, Sheridan said he and Deputy Clerk Penny Lode would split Coons’  duties, but he was also looking to reach out to area administrators for assistance in helping close out the books for May and the fiscal year and fulfill other tasks he and Lode were less familiar with.

Council Member Rich Crump requested, in light of losing the city clerk and Sheridan’s fairly recent hiring, that a more thorough audit be requested. Sheridan said he would get more information on that, including the possibility of having the company come to a future meeting.

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