The Anamosa Aqua Court will not be open in 2020 after a June 8 decision by the city council, based on the recommendation of the Parks and Recreation Board.


The Anamosa City Council backed the recommendation the Parks and Recreation Board made last week to not open the Anamosa Aqua Court in 2020 at their June 8 meeting.

“Everyone sitting around the table seemed to be on the same page,” Council Member Jeff Stout said, who is the council’s representative on the board.

Current restrictions only allow for lessons and lap swimming. Even for lessons, lifeguards are not allowed in the pool. Restrooms are not open. Even if full operations were allowed later in the summer, City Administrator Jacob Sheridan questioned whether that would be a wise decision. With staffing, due to the temporary nature of the employees, keeping the same staff together, like has been done in other departments, would not be possible.

To open, the pool would need to be inspected and they were at a backlog, according to Mayor Rod Smith.

“It’s sad not to open the pool, because it does allow kids a place to go to burn off some of that energy, but we’re up against it,” Smith said.

Given the fact that many area communities had already, Council Member Rich Crump said he had concerns about public flocking to the pool from cities around Anamosa. In addition, he said a potential early start to school could shorten the season at both the front and back end of the summer.

In addition to the safety aspect, the pool operates at a loss annually and not opening would help balance things financially with less revenue coming into the city, Sheridan said.

During the closure of the pool, the plan is for the city to do necessary maintenance that had been planned, like slide maintenance, including surfacing and repainting, gutter work and work in the pump room.

“We might as well get it all out of the way,” Council Member Alan Zumbach said of the needed maintenance.

The summer help would be able to help the city catch up on their summer parks maintenance in while not working at the pool.

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