The Old Dubuque Road intersection at Highway 151 has been closed since Aug. 3.


During his mayor’s report at the Sept. 14 Anamosa City Council meeting, Mayor Rod Smith gave an update on how the closure of the Old Dubuque Road intersection had been impacting school traffic.

During the first day of school on Aug. 31, Jones County Sheriff Greg Graver and Anamosa Chief of Police Jeremiah Hoyt observed the traffic patterns at both the middle school and the five way stop by the high school and at the intersection of Main Street and Scott Street out in front of the Lawrence Community Center.

Graver reported that he sent the drone up to record the traffic at the five-way stop for 15 minutes and observed smooth traffic patterns at the middle school, except for the occasional backup with school buses turning.

At the conclusion of the report, read by Smith, Graver said he suggested that no changes needed to be made at this time and with no traffic coming from the other direction, felt the efficiency had actually improved.

Hoyt was at the LCC and said he similarly felt traffic was flowing well. He noted that with classes being split at both the high school and the middle school, that was probably having an impact.

Superintendent Larry Hunt said at the school, they were just taking what they were hearing from law enforcement and had gotten positive feedback.

“I have also been in contact with people from the neighborhood across the street from the middle school that had some concerns with the road closure, and they also think traffic flow is actually better than they expected it would be,” Hunt said.

The intersection has been closed since Aug. 3.

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