Representing various award winners were: in the back Brenda Leonard of Jones County Emergency Management, Jason Zamastil of the Wyoming Fair Association, Brian Podhaski and Cindy Dirks of the Midland Ambulance Service, Joe Yedlik of the Great Jones County Fair, Kim Bixler of the Olin Food Pantry, Bill Barber and Wayne Yanda of the National Motorcycle Museum, Ellen Schlarmann of Camp Courageious, Bobby Krum and Joe Wagner of the Amber Community Club, Marilyn Schneiderman representing Monticello and front Jacki Luckstead, Jennifer Fischer and Molly Schmitt of Jones County Extension, Jean Meehan and Mary Jo Messerli of Mike’s Kids, Deanna McCusker of Cascade, Amy Niemer of the Riverview Center and Derek Lumsden Jones County Economic Development. 


Thirteen organizations with a presence in Jones County were awarded funds Dec. 3 at the annual Jones County Community Foundation 2018 Grants and Gifts Celebration.

Foundation president Patty Manuel said her time on the board has been quite a learning experience.

“When I first joined this board, I didn’t know very much about foundations,” Manuel said. “I’ve learned that they really have three distinct areas of work and it’s all focused on improving the lives of the people that live in a geographic region.”

Those areas of work are: supporting philanthropy, supporting non-profits and working as a “convener” to address community needs. With the help of the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, Manuel said the foundation has not only passed the $1 million mark in assets during her time on the board, but nearly doubled it.

When the grants were handed out, the awards helped groups from some of the smallest organizations in the county, to its biggest.

The Olin Food Pantry received funds to help provide meals and supplies to the elderly and the handicapped in the community, with Kim Bixler calling the funds a blessing.

Midland’s Ambulance service said the funds provided would help purchase a cardiac monitor. It will allow them to administer a 12 lead EKG and give the hospital a quicker look at the patient, saving valuable time.

For the Amber Community Club, the funds would help cut energy costs, a massive part of the club’s relatively small budget.

Mike’s Kids, a charity founded in memory of Mike Meade, helps send kids to accredited camps. The money received will help the charity serve their 1,000th kid in 2019. 

Other grants awarded on the night went to: the Great Jones County Fair to finish off their equestrian barn and update security, Camp Courageous to expand solar use, Cascade for their pool, Monticello to update their fountain park, Iowa State University Extension Office to use old computers for their Teens Teaching Technology program and for a virtual reality program, Jones County Emergency Management for a variety of items, the Riverview Center to raise awareness of services and the Wyoming Fair Association to update electrical infrastructure.

At the event, foundation coordinator Sherri Hunt gave updates on what else the foundation was doing and Amy Manternach talked about how the Endow Iowa Tax Credit is helping to keep more money in the state to support various organizations.

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