As results of the Democratic caucus finally began to roll in after a reporting delay, it was South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg that emerged with the largest amount of support in Jones County.

Buttigieg, in a tight race with Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont for the overall lead statewide, finished with 173 supporters in the final alignment. That was 43 more than either Sanders or former Vice President Joe Biden.

In addition to leading overall, Buttigieg also benefited the most from the second alignment after supporters of non-viable candidates switched their support to another candidate. Buttigieg gained 27 supporters, where as Biden and Sanders gained eight and four respectively.

Trailing the top three, Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota was the only other candidate to gain triple-digit support, with an even 100 after gaining a delegate during the final alignment. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, the final candidate to earn delegates in the county, lost 13 supporters between the first and final alignments.

Though the delegate count for all three was identical, Klobuchar had the most supporters in Linn County’s Brown Township, 26, just ahead of Sanders and Buttigieg, both with 22. Biden had 18 supporters in the initial alignment, but lost those by the time it came to the final count. Warren also had double-digit supporters and ended the night with none.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump earned 292 of the 295 votes cast in Jones County and all 27 cast in Brown Township in Linn County.

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