The Springville community will soon have a new hall of famer.

Springville Athletic Director Joe Martin was among a class of five athletic directors recognized for going above and beyond for supporting women’s athletics for the Women of the Will program. The other athletic directors hailed from other states, Wisconsin, Illinois, Delaware and California.

“I was very caught off guard as I had no idea that this award was even a thing. Then, I talked with our BSN rep and found out that he had nominated me,” Martin said. It is quite an honor to be chosen as one of five out of the entire country. Makes what we have been doing here at Springville seem more impactful and validated.”

In nominating Martin, Brad Horstman said, “Joe is always looking for ways to highlight all athletes, but he has really embraced the WOW program…The importance of the female athlete at Springville is very apparent as they are state title contenders in both [volleyball] and basketball, plus get many girls out for all sports.”

The “Women of Will” program is a women’s high school athletic sponsorship. It was founded to promote and elevate women athletes and empower coaches. It is the only women’s high school sponsorship in the country with over 100+ women’s varsity high school programs participating.

When it comes to elevating women’s sports, Martin said he’s always tried to focus on getting participation in activities school-wide and not just focusing on specific programs.

“I believe that we have done a great job of trying to elevate all our programs here at Springville in order to stay competitive. However, some of the things that I have done specifically with the female athletes is trying to get more of a whole school program rather than being worried about just their individual sport,” he said. “We have also been utilizing the weight room for all female athletes to get them stronger to compete and build confidence in their abilities.”

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