The Sadie Street Singers will take their home stage at the end of the night Feb. 1 for the 4th Annual Sadie Street Showcase.


Show choirs, not only from across Iowa, but across the Midwest, will once again descend on Anamosa for the fourth annual Sadie Street Showcase.

The showcase will run all day Saturday, Feb. 1, at Anamosa High School from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. This year’s competition will feature 14 show choirs, including Hi Fidelity and Modulations from El Paso Gridley in Illinois and the Kewaskum Notables from Wisconsin.

We are excited to travel to Anamosa for the first time and check out a new school and new facilities. Show choir is great in the sense that there can be many different styles and types of shows to see and compete against. We have already traveled to Wisconsin for a competition this year, and we will hit Iowa twice before three in state competitions,” John Shaffer, director at El Paso Gridley, said.

“We are very excited to compete against many different kinds of groups along our scheduled competitions this season.”

Kewaskum’s Andrew Dahlberg said that they usually come to Iowa at least once a year and had to switch up the competition after West Liberty changed their date. The choir enjoys coming to Iowa for competitions because of the way they break things up into classes.

In addition to the out-of-state choirs, Albia’s choir has chosen Anamosa as their lone competition for the second year in a row.

All groups perform throughout the day in the fine arts center, then we have “Daytime Awards” about 5 p.m. in the gym. During those awards, we announce who made finals, typically about 6-7 groups. Finals begin about 7 p.m. Winners will be announced about 10 p.m.

As host, Anamosa’s show choir does not compete but does an exhibition performance after all finals groups have performed (while the judges tabulate). Director Andrew Eley said the students are excited for the annual event.

“We are excited to get our season underway, and showcase is a huge part of our season. The students really enjoy ‘showing off’ our school and awesome performance facilities to our guests, and it is a unique experience to see so many of our community members come out to volunteer to make this event a success,” he said.

The choir performed at an open dress rehearsal Jan. 13 but had their first competition snowed out Jan. 18 and will have their first competition at Dallas Center-Grimes High School Jan. 25

The event is expected to attract around 2,000 people into town and need 300 volunteer shifts to make the event work and spots are still available.

“We need a large amount of volunteers to make this event happen and function smoothly. We simply can’t do it without the support of parents and the community as a whole. I am really hoping people can help,” Sadie Street Showcase Co-Chair Mary Curtis said.

For those who want to enjoy the event, admission is $12 for adults, $8 for students K-college and free for kids pre-K and under. The event will also have event t-shirts and candy-grams for the first time this year.

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