Junior Auxiliary members, Megan Pearson and Jazlyn Andrea once again served as masters of ceremony as the Springville school district came together in the gym to honor local veterans.

The ceremony, pushed back two hours to align with the delay caused by the nasty early winter weather was a chance to highlight and honor the achievements and courage shown by veterans, the sacrifices they made and give their fellow students a history lesson in the importance of the holiday.

“Veterans Day doesn’t get as much acknowledgement as it should, and I think half of it is because of a lack of knowledge about it,” Pearson said.

Pearson also read from the poem “I am a Veteran.”

Also speaking during the event was American Legion Springville Post Commander Lyle Andersen.

Andersen went through the symbolism behind the emblem of the legion: the sun in the background signified shining light on darkness, outer rings symbolizing the rehabilitation of veterans, the inner ring signifying the welfare of children, the wreath in the center commemorates those who lost their lives and the star in the center, the victory symbol of the first world war, symbolizes honor and glory and the inner rings of the star represent service and loyalty to Americanism.

Jodi King of the Auxiliary presented Springville Elementary Principal with a check for $600 to help fund scholarships the preschool program. The money is raised by the Auxiliary’s spring breakfast, but auxiliary members also pitched in to make up for a slow year.

During the assembly, awards were given out for the best dressed class, teacher and student.

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