The upcoming retirement of St. Patrick School Principal Jayne Intlekofer created a perfect storm for a local resident to make his return to the area. Michael Volk was named Intlekofer’s replacement and the appointment seemed to be the right fit in every way.

Volk’s mother is from Monticello and the family used to live in the Cascade area. His father spent more than 30 years at the Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative, and Volk himself worked there during the summer in his college days.

“I even had my own truck,” he said.

Volk’s calling is also in line with his family’s long history in both education and faith as a vocation.

“It’s a huge honor. I may be 38 years old, but I’m still trying to make my family proud of me,” he said.

For Volk, the position at St. Patrick offered him an opportunity he’d been searching for since receiving his doctorate back in 2011: a chance to be an administrator.

“It’s been a long time coming,” he said, describing education administration as a life-long passion of his.

He taught language arts for a decade in Arizona, before moving back to the area after the death of his father. He currently works with the Talented and Gifted Program students in the South Tama Community School District.

One of his goals upon taking this position is to be a servant leader and really placing an emphasis on service. Volk is also looking to celebrate student achievement, promote community pride and help bridge the gap between the school and the parish. When it comes to the latter, he’s says he’s found a kindred spirit in Fr. Nick March, who came to the parish just last year.

“He’s just so fantastic. We’re just very energetic and young, and we’re trying to bridge the gap between the church and the school,” he said.

The pair, as they’ve gotten to know each other, have also bonded over a shared love of philosophy.

Volk’s jumped right in to his new assignment. He’s had the opportunity to meet with students and staff. He’s also already been involved in discussion about the budget, hiring new staff and eyeing some professional development training he can take part in over the summer.

Volk said both he and his wife, who have a 14-month old and another child on the way, are enthusiastic about the new appointment.

“We just think it’s a wonderful opportunity.” 

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