The auditorium was once again stuffed to the gills as area show choirs waited to hear the results of the Sadie Street Showcase.

The tension was ratcheted up when it was announced that there was a tie for best choreography between Cedar Rapids Washington Momuntum and Modulations from El Paso Gridley in Illinois. However, Momentum took home best vocals and the overall championship.

All told, it made for an exciting day.

“Saturday was, by all accounts, extremely successful. I think the most accurate gauge of success is the fact that we held to the printed schedule for the majority of the evening, we were able to adequately feed people throughout the day, and our guests commented over and over about how well-run the event was, how friendly our volunteers were, and about how much fun the students had,” Anamosa Choral Director Andrew Eley said.

As the hosts, Anamosa’s Sadie Street Singers did not get judged but performed at the end of the night as the scores were being tabulated. The opportunity to perform in front of the home crowd came during the second performance of the year.

“Each time we perform, it seems we improve in an area, be it vocally or choreographically. To be competitive in the show choir world, my belief is that we have to be able to sing above average at every moment of the performance,” Eley said. “Right now, we have to build our endurance to continue to project sound while we are dancing and to keep the energy and excitement up throughout the entire show. If we can do that, we can be competitive this year.”

With the amount of people that came through the building, the choir took the opportunity to promote a charity that was very close to them.

“Our choreographer is involved with the Thirst Project and has shared with us the experiences he has had in Africa visiting the places where help is most needed. It is important for adolescents to be aware of the issues that plague our world, and how their involvement can make a difference, regardless of how much money is raised,” Eley said.

“Thirst Project is a worthy cause, and the idea that a mere $25 can provide a person half-way across the world with clean water for life is a cause worth supporting.”

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Showcase provides plenty of excitement. The auditorium was once again stuffed to the gills as area show choirs waited to hear the results of the Sadie Street

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