Anamosa City Administrator Jacob Sheridan at his first council meeting in 2018.


At a special meeting of the Anamosa City Council July 7, the resignation of City Administrator Jacob Sheridan was accepted unanimously.

Mayor Rod Smith said that Sheridan submitted the resignation “in lieu of council action. This is in light of fundamental disagreements regarding leadership style.” Smith further commented July 13 during his report to the council, thanking Sheridan for his time at Anamosa.

“I would like to thank Jacob for his two-and-a-half years of service to Anamosa and what he has done to move us forward in a positive direction is very appreciated,” he said. “I wish you well in your future endeavors.”

Sheridan’s last day is July 17. During his final report to the Anamosa City Council July 13, he said he would be working on wrapping up as many projects as possible in his final few days.

Further discussion was held about how to fill in for Sheridan at the regular July 13 meeting of the Anamosa City Council. The council members discussed reaching out to a pair of possible consultants to assist during this time and did not take any action. Council members discussed possibly increasing compensation for City Clerk Beth Brincks during this time to account for the extra work she would be taking on in Sheridan’s absence and Brinks to reach out to them if there were any questions or if a part-time hire was necessary to help out.

Sheridan began at the city Feb. 28, 2018, coming to the city from Gordon, Neb.

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